What’s happening at Bill Quay Farm?

To ensure the farm’s survival we urgently need you to get involved with your local community farm this Christmas.

After some financial setbacks, the farm is re-organising and we’re looking for partners to help it continue into the future.

How can you help?

Become a friend of the farm! We’re looking for friends to donate to the farm monthly – big or small, anything you can afford will help. Monthly donations mean that we can plan more easily, order things in bulk, and invest to make the farm more sustainable. Together, we can keep it as a community resource for future generations.

What is the fundraising goal?

At the moment, we have a shortfall of around £48,000 per year, or £4000 per month. This could be met by 2000 people donating just £2/month! Given all your support we’ve received so far through shares and likes, we think it is an achievable goal!

We are aiming to have 2000 friends of the farm by the end of December 2017, so please do share with your neighbours and family!

How can you sign up?

Visit our JustGiving Page: , select to ‘Make a Monthly Donation’ in the top right corner. Follow this link and sign up to become a friend!

If you would like to be on the mailing list, please make sure you select to share your details with the farm.

Do I get anything out of signing up?

As a friend of the farm you will receive a monthly newsletter and will be invited to exclusive open days and farm events throughout the year.

What if the farm closes?

If the farm closes all direct debits will close and money will no longer come out of your bank account. We will keep friends on our mailing list up-to-date with progress towards our 2000 friend goal.

How do I know that I’ve signed up?

Within one week of becoming a friend you will receive an email from Bill Quay Farm confirming your new status as a friend!

What if I don’t have a computer/ can’t sign up at home?

Pop down to the farm and a volunteer/ member of staff will help you through the process. We choose to do everything through JustGiving as it is a convenient way for us to stay on top of donations.

What does the farm cost?

£900/month on animal feed , £3750/month utilities and site maintenance, £220/month on beddin