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Birthday Parties

We receive many requests from the public about the availability of birthday parties at Bill Quay Farm and we are very pleased to announce that this is something we are now able to offer.

Our rates are very reasonable in relation to other, similar venues and we are able to offer an optional hands-on experience with the farm animals.

Pricing is as follows:


Mandatory Room Hire* - £40

(Please note that the number of party guests is limited to between 8 and 15 children)

Food (please choose from Menu 1 or Menu 2 and multiply the cost by the number of guests)

Menu 1 - £3.50 per head

Sandwiches (ham, cheese or both), crisps, cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks and carrot sticks

Menu 2 - £4.50 per head

Bill Quay Sausages, sandwiches (ham cheese or both), crisps, cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks, carrot sticks and fairy cakes.

Farm experience - £30 (optional)

Feed the pigs, meet the goats, collect the eggs from the henhouse (if you dare - it's a bit smelly) and lots of other farm fun for young people (and parents) of all ages. We recommend this to anyone who books a party as feedback is always very positive.

For all booking enquiries, please call our cafe (between 10.30am and 4pm -7 days) on 0191 4419740 or email for more information.


*Please note that, due to feeding times being fixed and because of room availability, most parties start at 2.30pm, with access to the room from 2pm. We strongly recommend that party guests eat first before visiting any of the animals for purposes of hygiene and risk to health.

A typical party begins at 2.30pm with food, music and games in the classroom and (if selected) the farm experience commences at 3.30pm when most of our animals have their afternoon feed. The farm expereince lasts at least 30 minutes.