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Bill Quay Community Farm

Volunteer Role: Events Volunteer

About Bill Quay Farm:

Bill Quay Community Farm is a free visitor attraction and working farm in East Gateshead, it was established in 1986 by Gateshead Council and since 2013 has been run as a charity. The site is around 10 hectares and comprises permanent pasture, ponds and woodland. The farm is a Rare Breed Survival Trust approved farm park, this means all livestock on the farm is rare and indigenous to the UK.

Volunteer Programme:

Bill Quay Community Farm has been working very hard throughout 2016 to build capacity, this means looking for new sources of income. We are looking to recruit volunteer(s) who could assist our team in running events such as crafts and small animal handling. We are seeking someone with good people skills, happy to chat to members of the public and good animal handling skills, the volunteer will be trustworthy, honest and reliable. The hours will be 10am-12pm and/or 12pm-2pm, 7 days/week. Volunteers must be 18 or older.

Main Volunteer Roles:

·        Meeting and greeting members of the public and local community and telling them about the farm and what we offer.
·        Run events from the activity room and/or the front entrance of the farm and show members of the public small animals or run crafts events.
·        Volunteers may also be asked if they are available to help with large farm events (May Day and Halloween) or Bag Packing events.


Volunteers will be invited to the farm for an interview and induction, here they will receive a tour of the farm and basic training, the farm and potential volunteer can then decide if the volunteer is right for the programme. Volunteers will then work through a self-check/progression list so that they can identify where they are confident and which activities need more development.

Want to Volunteer?

Contact Hannah Davis for an application form at or 01914419715. Or download the applicatin here: Volunteer Events Application.docx